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The Attributes For Success?

To celebrate TechSPARK's annual TT50 List, we’ve teamed up with Antidote Communications to uncover what makes a successful founder and leader of a tech company in the Southwest.

We know the Southwest is one of the most productive tech clusters in Europe and we get why people choose the Southwest as the ideal location to start a tech business. The quality of life, the relative proximity to London, the academic institutions, the government support, the great coffee.
But, one area that hasn’t been explored to date is the people leading these tech businesses. We want to identify, not only the ingredients that make a tech leader, but go deeper – find out what makes them tick? What do they think about key issues? What do they like and dislike? Why are we doing this and what do we hope to achieve? We want to celebrate this years TT50 List and inspire the next generation of tech leaders.
Antidote Communications is therefore excited to launch the inaugural Southwest Leaders Survey.
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part of the TT50 List 2021

Shape Initiatives

Insights will help shape future initiatives and programmes for our community support

Inspire Generations

Not every tech leaders journey has been the same, we want these insights to inspire


We want to understand the support networks and routes that have proven successful


Is there an effective blueprint for successful founders, leaders and community leaders?

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Your answers will help us shape a better, fairer and more inclusive technology cluster

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All answers are confidential and anonymised to create a trend report as part fo TT50

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About TechSPARK UK

TechSPARK is a not-for-profit network dedicated to connecting, educating and strengthening the digi-tech cluster in the West.

We work with tech and digital businesses from Startups to Scaleups, SME’s to Global Corporations based in the region to help  them to grow, using our connections and knowledge.

We engage with over 35,000 people monthly highlighting the best in tech in the West and bringing people together at regular events. 

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South West Leaders Survey

proudly in association with Antidote Communications 

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